Month: September 2015


“Off The Earth For The Earth” for a #YearinSpace Adventure on ISS

[one_half]31,536,000 seconds. 525,600 minutes. 8,670 hours. 365 Days. No matter how you break it down, one year is a long time. Then, put yourself in a 3-4 bedroom house (about 425 cubic meters of habitable space) with five other adults, no showers, no washing machines, and only two toilets for that amount of time.  Feeling cramped yet? For US astronaut Scott...

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NASA is with you when you fly! Celebrate Aeronautics with NASA

Did you know that NASA wasn’t always called NASA? That's right! NASA used to be NACA, or the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. NACA was formed in 1915, followed by the establishment of what is now NASA Langley Research Center in 1917--or what I like to call the mothership of NASA, since it was the first NASA center. If you're thinking that those dates ...

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