Month: October 2015


International Cooperation on the ISS

At the beginning of the Space Race in the late 1950s, the idea of international space missions was unthinkable. The grueling competition between the United States and Russia from the 1950s to the mid-1970s led to the rapid growth of space exploration and research. However, it soon was apparent that humanity needed international cooperation to transcend our Earthly b...

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Space Technology Drives Exploration and Student Invention

Let’s take a look at how NASA technology drives our society into undiscovered places through technology. Take 3-D printing, for example. The first 3-D printed material is the faceplate seen in the image below. The material was built layer by layer, and was created to inspire the use of printed tools on long duration space flights. Here you will begin to se...

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The Future of Human Spaceflight

The moon, Mars, and beyond—for decades humans have been fascinated by the potential of space travel. After nearly 50 years of space exploration, humanity is looking for the next great leap in the future of human spaceflight. Until recently, space programs were run by the government and focused on low-Earth orbits. Humans landed on the moon for the first tim...

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