Month: November 2015


Recruiting & Retaining STEM Teachers

Recruiting and retaining high-quality STEM teachers is a challenge for teacher education programs nationwide. This video provides an overview of the issues and offers suggestions for meeting the challenge. Key points discussed in this video: The demand for STEM jobs is increasing. U.S. has one of the lowest ratios of STEM to non-STEM bachelor's degrees in ...

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The Solar System and Beyond

Our solar system is a marvel. It houses millions upon millions of objects and perhaps the greatest marvel of all—life on Earth. With the fast-approaching reality of sending astronauts to Mars, it’s more important than ever to understand our solar system—and what lies beyond it. The Solar System Our solar system includes the sun and everything that trave...

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Earth Right Now: NASA SMAP (Soil Moisture Active Passive) Mission

As the global climate changes, there are real, measurable consequences. Satellite missions at NASA collect data on the health of our planet and how it changes over time. NASA has measurable evidence that there are places on this planet that get too much rain and places that are getting too little. The problem of extensive flooding and severe droughts affects ou...

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