Month: January 2016


NASA’s Coral Reefs Rescue Mission

News from NASA usually evokes imagery of constellations, space stations, and massive black holes swallowing galaxies. This time, though, NASA’s news has more to do with our oceans here at home. As global warming continues, it is becoming more and more pressing for us to understand exactly how our coral reefs are being affected. With this in mind, NASA’s COral R...

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Is it a UFO? No it’s Super Guppy!

Looking up at the sky you might see an unusual object flying by that grabs your attention. It’s definitely a plane. No, wait, it looks like the top half of that plane was ballooned out somehow, creating a craft that looks like it couldn’t even fly! But it is flying! How is that possible? That is the impression I had when I saw NASA’s Super Guppy flying over H...

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Preparing Students for Future STEM Jobs

It is no secret that STEM jobs are high in demand and will continue to grow over the next several decades. However, what is needed is a wide variety of approaches that will enable educators to engage and entice students to pursue STEM fields to meet this growing demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Spring 2014 Occupational Outlook Quarterly (now...

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