Month: February 2016


South by Southwest’s 2016 Education Expo

South by Southwest’s education expo will be held on March 7-10 in Austin, Texas. The education expo brought close to 6,000 students, parents, and educators together last year. SXSWedu is a part of the South by Southwest network. This includes the annual music and arts festival of the same name. The education expo has a varied speaker lineup and demonstrations fro...

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HoloLens Revolutionizing STEM Education

Demonstrations of the HoloLens, Microsoft’s entry into the virtual reality field, have convinced a number of teachers that it will change STEM education. Professors of medicine, archeology and art history at Case Western Reserve University are testing the new technology and their reactions are unequivocally positive. What is HoloLens? The HoloLens is a device ab...

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NASA’s History of Spinoff Tech

3-2-1 Tech Off: Transferring Technology Advances for 40 Years! What do you think of when you think of NASA?  Maybe it's men walking on the moon, the space shuttle helping to build the International Space Station, rovers on Mars, or winglets on airplanes.  While those are all true, there are numerous items that incorporate NASA technology, research or expertise ca...

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