Month: April 2016


Inflatable Space Station for NASA?

NASA has been researching inflatable habitats since the 90s in order to help astronauts get to Mars without having to live in an extremely small space. Kriss Kennedy, a NASA space architect, was at the forefront of the project. The inflatables were to be made of Kevlar material that becomes rigid when put under pressure. Funding for this project ended in 2000. [c...

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Winds of Change

At NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) change was inevitable once the Space Shuttle Program came to a close in the summer of 2011. Today KSC has gone and continues to transform and morph into the World’s Space Port for space access and exploration. At the helm of all this transformation is NASA’s Ground System Development & Operations (GSDO). The Ground Systems ...

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NASA Summer Institutes for Educators

Invest in Yourself How can you as an educator invest in yourself professionally with NASA? There are many opportunities to invest in your own professional development with NASA education and one of the best sources for learning about those opportunities is found here. You will find that there are summer workshops and webinars onsite at NASA centers and on...

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USA Science and Engineering Festival Expo

The USA Science and Engineering Festival is a culmination of events supporting the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field for the next generation. This year’s festival has been going on since January of 2015. The 2015/2016 festival culminates with 2-day Grand Finale Expo April 16-17, 2016 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in ...

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