Month: May 2016


Learning By Doing and Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory

According to many experts, students’ learning is optimized when the students take an active rather than passive role in the learning process. This video blog shows that a formatted chain of activities can make the students’ learning process in-line with Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory of four-stage learning cycle. In addition, several examples of the activ...

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Tale of the Frozen Water Bear

A water bear, or moss piglet or tardigrade, is a tiny animal that lives among mosses, and has a unique ability to survive some of the harshest conditions on earth. They are able to survive extreme temperatures as low as -328 °F and up to 304 °F, freezing and thawing, changes in salinity, lack of water, radiation, lack of oxygen, boiling alcohol, toxic chemicals, a...

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Mine Craft in Space

Why NASA is Embracing the KERBAL Space Program Interested in how to engage elementary students in STEM education through technology? There are many apps that can help. I would like to know which ones you have tried in a school or home setting and what were your results? What are your pro's and con's about the following apps? Some on the list are good to share with ...

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