Month: October 2016


Hubble spots possible water plumes erupting on Europa

Astronomers at NASA's Hubble Telescope have once again seen evidence of possible water vapor plume eruptions on Jupiter's moon Europa. Known as a mostly icy moon, Europa is a target for future water testing for evidence of life beyond Earth with these kinds of observations. Europa As we know, Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun in our solar system, and it is ...

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Microgravity University for Educators and Resources for Your Classroom

Most have seen the pictures and videos, but few have felt the apparent weightlessness one feels while experiencing microgravity in space.  What is microgravity? Why are we as humans so fascinated by it?  One could answer those questions with two F’s…Free-fall and Fun! Many of us have experienced brief periods of microgravity while sky-diving, bungee-jum...

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Artificial blood vessels developed in the lab can grow with the recipient

Doing surgeries involving artificial blood vessels is nothing new. But surgeries with regenerative blood vessels? That's unheard of. The need Congenital heart defects (CHD's) effect about 1% of all newborns in the United States (source). Often these children need to have surgery to replace or re-structure their blood vessels, and replacement pieces of vessels can ...

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Hurricanes In Your Classroom: Real NASA Data for Real Learning

Growing Up With Hurricanes “Hurricanes” is an exciting STEM topic that brings real NASA data for real learning into your classroom. Hurricanes have fascinated me since I was a child. Growing up and living near the Gulf of Mexico, hurricanes were always a part of my life each summer. As a child, hurricanes were “fun”. We got to use candles when the lights ...

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