Month: November 2016


Light-activated heart cells help guide robotic stingray

The age of robotics has long been dominated by hard metals and clunky objects. In recent years, however, scientists and engineers have begun to develop softer and even "squishy" robots, as they experiment with different materials and systems for their design and function. One such development is the robotic stingray, created by researchers at Harvard University. ...

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NASA Langley STEM Digital Badges

NASA Langley Research Center will turn 100 years in 2017 being the very first of all the NASA centers. With a legacy of atmospheric research since 1917 with Orville Wright as a member of the initial committee, NASA Langley holds experts in all things atmosphere. From traveling through Earth’s atmosphere with airplane and green aviation, to understanding Earth’s ...

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Farming in Martian Gardens

Can we grow food on Mars? This is an essential question as the journey to get humans to Mars continues. There have been several exciting developments over the past few months and years, none more so than the testing of vegetable growth in simulated Martian soil. The Experiment NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is partnering with the Florida Tech Buzz Aldrin Spa...

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Over the years NASA’s Spaceport access to our Solar System and the Universe has been through the numerous manned and unmanned mission launches from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL. NASA’s Launch Services Program (LSP) focuses on unmanned missions to Earth, Solar System, and Beyond. LSP had it first mission back on October 24, 1998 with DeepSpa...

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