Month: January 2017


Modern Figures Toolkit

I recently had the opportunity to go with other employees of NASA Ames Research Center to view the recently released movie Hidden Figures, which highlighted the critical role three African-American women played in the early stages of the space race with the Soviet Union. A key theme of the movie, beyond the technical prowess of these talented women, was the persiste...

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Cassini’s new view of Saturn

NASA's Cassini spacecraft is currently in the middle of a relatively new orbit of the planet Saturn, which it has been studying since 2004. Cassini is passing high over the northern hemisphere of the planet, and then taking sweeping runs alongside its rings - the closest any craft has ever been to the rings. November 2016 On November 30th, 2016, Cassini began its ...

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EYES on the Solar System

In this video you will see an example of a NASA activity that can be used to illustrate different mathematical representations with the purpose of attaching meaning to the words and quantities – this way, developing mathematical and literacy skills simultaneously.  Research related to mathematics education for students in the stages of developing English language...

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