Month: March 2017


Discovering Exoplanets: Is there Anybody Out There?

Is there anybody out there? - a question humans have been asking since the beginning of our existence. It would most likely be the greatest discovery of human-kind if/when we discover the definitive answer to that question. NASA has been a leader in exploring that question and searching for the answer. On February 22, 2017, NASA announced the discovery of the mos...

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How do you predict where lightning will strike?

Since late 2016, NASA has been able to do it through a new addition to their NOAA GOES-16 satellite – a lightning tracker that can give insights to weather forecasters and emergency response teams before the storms hit. The tool itself is called the Geostationary Lightning Mapper, or GLM for short. Positioned along the equator as it observes Earth from the orbi...

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Exploration Then and Now: Student Lesson

Survival! What would it take to survive on the Moon? As shown in the video below, NASA astronauts are dependent on their available resources, as well as their ability to survive and adapt to new environments. NASA’s BEST –Living on the Moon In 1610, the Jamestown settlers who traveled to the United States, were also dependent upon their ability to survive...

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