Month: May 2017


A Look Back At Cassini’s Missions: Saturn and Its Moons

It's been a long trip and now, Cassini'sĀ final countdown has begun. Cassini-Huygens was launched back on October 15, 1992. It's equipped with two main parts, the Cassini - which is the Saturn orbiter, and Huygens the lander for the moon Titan. The names are in honor of two astronomers, Giovanni Cassini and Christiaan Huygens, who made various discoveries about S...

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NASA Citizen Science for the Summer

As the school year winds down and students look forward to a little time off, I often get parents and teachers asking me what there is to keep young minds actively thinking like scientists. While there is a plethora of academic, science-themed camps available, they mean a bit of schedule juggling and, usually, a bit of budget juggling. There is another option for pe...

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Just how frequently do meteors hit Earth?

How often is Earth hit by meteors from space? For technicality's sake, a meteor is just a piece of an asteroid or comet that has entered Earth's atmosphere. Before arriving at the atmosphere, these pieces are called meteoroids. Thousands of small rock fragments enter the atmosphere every year, and most of the debris is burned up on its descent to Earth, leaving a...

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