Month: November 2017


Astronomical Collisions

It's the ultimate merging when lightyear-size galaxies attract each other and collide. The process takes billions of years, and although we won't be able to record a whole collision in our lifetime, the Hubble Space Telescope has given us glimpses of various galaxies around the universe at different stages of their collision. [caption id="attachment_289485" align...

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Nature, Science and Cicadas

Nature, throughout millions of years of evolution, has figured out a way to adapt to every environment. This has made it as complex and marvelous as we know it today. From all the different shapes of plant leafs to a dog's ability to read human expressions or, from a bird's beak to the smallest insects. This is the reason scientists have looked up to nature for i...

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Veggie: “Growing Beyond Earth”

When you think of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, you probably think of rocket launches with thousands of spectators lining up at the Visitor Complex or along U.S. 1 to get a glimpse, hear and feel the rumble of the Falcon 9, Atlas V, Delta or one of the many other rockets that launch from NASA’s Space Port Launching Complex.  Among many experiments transported to...

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