Month: December 2017


The Influence of Atmospheric Rivers on Earth’s Atmosphere

For the first time, atmospheric rivers have been studied in a global scale by NASA and several partners. Their findings give us a profound understanding of their global impact on floods, droughts and the areas affected by these phenomena. What Are Atmospheric Rivers? "Atmospheric rivers are relatively long, narrow, short-lived jets of air that transport water vap...

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How To Find a Planet

Have you ever wondered how many other Earths can there be in the vast universe? Given the idea that in our Milky Way alone there are 100 billion stars, one would think that there must be many planets out there like our Earth. Well, the short answer to that question is, scientists are still looking. Thousands of clusters of planers have been found orbiting a star by ...

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3 Authentic Data Sites

Since the early 1960s, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been developing and disseminating free educational resources for Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade educators. These resources are usually attached to a mission or science objective relevant to NASA at the time of their creation. In recent years, NASA has made a move from a focus...

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