Month: March 2018


How Hurricanes Form

Although beautiful when photographed from space, hurricanes are violent storms that form around the Equator. Their structure is always the same but what makes a hurricane destructive are its fast winds as it moves through water and reaches the coast. The scientific term for these storms is Tropical Cyclone, though depending on its location they are known by differen...

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Hot Gases in the Perseus Galaxy Cluster

The Perseus galaxy cluster is one of the most massive objects in the universe. It contains more than 1,000 galaxies, it's located about 240 million light-years away and at its center, there's a supermassive back whole. It caught scientists' attention in 1970 when a high X-ray emission was detected during an Aerobee rocket flight. When observed in the X-ray band, the...

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NASA Year of Education on Station: Teaching from Space

  Imagine being a teacher in the classroom one day, and then find yourself being a teacher astronaut in space the next. Pretty exciting! Well, that’s what happened to teachers, Joe Acaba and Ricky Arnold. This school year, NASA is celebrating a Year of Education on the Station (YES) as astronauts and former teachers, Joe Acaba and Ricky Arnold, make th...

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The Importance of Story in STEM Education

Content and Context The curriculum maps, standards, and always beloved standardized tests provide a roadmap to guide educators toward which content to share with students over a given school year. What the teacher is left with is to provide context and relevance to that content. That’s where story’s power becomes evident. According to Harrison Monarth in The ...

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