Month: November 2018


Using NASA Resources to Nourish Community-Based Partnerships

The NASA FAMA Central Texas for Minority Youth is a partnership of Texas State University and three regional school districts including San Marcos CISD, Lockhart ISD, and Hays CISD that provides integrated year-round STEM programming to underrepresented student populations.  The goal and objective is to build interest, skills and knowledge necessary for K-12 st...

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There are so many mysteries in space. However, the Earth itself is host to so many unanswered questions as well. One mystery lies just shy of the Earth, in the tumultuous area where our atmosphere ends and space begins. The ionosphere is part of the Earth’s upper atmosphere. It’s critical to study for space exploration because of the charged particles in the...

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NASA announces commercial equipment drops to the moon for 2020

The Moon is the closest celestial body to Earth, and yet we have so little information about it. NASA plans to change this with an ambitious new plan. In addition to studying the Moon itself, the space agency plans to set up the Moon to be an eventual outpost for deep space exploration. Although deep space exploration and Moon pit stops are far in the future, NA...

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