Month: March 2019



The Sun is one of the most definitive bodies in our galaxy. A constant in the Earth’s history, the Sun makes life possible on our blue planet. But even though much of our life revolves around the Sun, we know little about it. Distance, gravity, and incredible heat make it a challenge to study the Sun up close. Nevertheless, scientists need to understand how the...

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Monitoring Earth Vital Signs

NASA has come to represent generations of excitement about space exploration and rightly so. What is less known about NASA is its unique position to lead the study of our own planet. By making Earth-observation data and resources accessible to the scientific and education communities, NASA contributes to our understanding of important global challenges such as food ...

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Locating a “fossil” in our Universe

The beautiful thing about the Universe is that it holds so many mysteries. Mankind is always exploring and learning more information about the Universe, which often leaves us with more questions than answers. In late 2018, the Hubble Space Telescope made a monumental discovery: the location of a new galaxy beyond the reaches of the Milky Way. Despite the exciting...

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