2018 NASA EPDC Annual Report

Through the use of NASA-unique assets, NASA STEM EPDC’s commitment is to conduct educational research and provide high-quality STEM professional development to educators and thereby enhance their skills and repertoire of resources with which they can engage and teach their students. Our efforts collectively support the goals of NASA and the Office of STEM Engagement.

Developing Educators and Their Students Wherever They Are

High quality professional development is a necessary ingredient in preparing educators to guide their students through rigorous and engaging STEM learning opportunities that will inspire students and propel them toward future STEM careers.

In this way, educators and the professional development they receive, fulfill a critical role in broadening the STEM pipeline that will in turn enable the U.S. to continue to lead the world in scientific innovation and space exploration.

In addition to high quality face-to-face and online professional development, NASA STEM EPDC also provides students with authentic STEM Engagement experiences utilizing NASA-unique content and assets. NASA STEM EPDC provides the flexibility busy educators need to tailor their professional learning.
We offer a comprehensive program of NASA content for educators, including workshops, webinars, digital badges, and longer duration professional development through a collaboration of graduate course offerings through U.S. satellite.

Educator and student offerings are continually updated and featured on the NASA STEM EPDC website (www.txstate-epdc.net) where individuals may register for events that best meet their needs.


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