Marshall Educator John Weis Shares NASA Messages with Illinois Students

The Marshall Star included a post highlighting the work of John Weis, Educator Professional Development Specialist (EPDC) at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Mr. Weis is the education outreach Liaison for Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee responsible for: professional development of in-service and pre-service teachers through on-site and online interactions; coordination with state departments of education, school district administrations, college and university professors, schools and individual teachers to ensure a link between professional development and a change in practice using feedback, data and reflection; on-site and online student programs coordinated with school personnel to promote grade specific, standards-driven instruction; delivery of regular monthly webinars in support of NASA communications themes and requested content; and community outreach events. On-site programming of all types requires travel via plane and/or automobile throughout the identified region and, occasionally, throughout the United States.

NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center educator John Weis, right, offers students from Manual Academy High School in Peoria, Illinois, a first-hand look at a Moon rock retrieved by the Apollo 15 mission. The Moon rock was on display at Caterpillar’s Edwards Demonstration & Learning Center in Edwards, Illinois, on May 3. Weis is among thousands of educators across the country being honored during Teacher Appreciation Week. For more information on Marshall’s Office of STEM Engagement, including materials available for educators, please visit here.  (NASA/MSFC/Emmett Given)