Felix A. Soto Toro

Over 25 years of NASA electrical/electronics experience, including three years as a NASA KSC Co-op, in electronic circuit prototyping, network communications, network documentation, robotics and automation, data acquisition, wireless communication and electronic calibration. Worked with the NASA Shuttle, Space Station and Payload Operation and Processing as a system/project development technical lead.  His research contribution is on the technical enhancement of the Advanced Payload Transfer Measuring System prototype used during Kennedy Space Center payload transfer processing and operations. He was assigned to the Spaceport Engineering and Technology (SE&T) Directorate ISS Support Equipment Sustaining Engineering Project Office to provide “hands-on civil service” project management and technical design/development support to Space Station Operations.  Mentor/share knowledge in the areas of technical expertise with students on a regular basis.  Participate in multiple Public Affairs office activities involving education outreach to students, faculty, general public and industry partners.

Dr. Soto Toro was selected by the NASA Administrator’s Fellowship Program (NAFP) and served for an academic year at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico.  After completing that assignment, he spent two years at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas where he served as a Communications Systems engineer and as the Constellation Space Suit Technical Assistant during the requirements development phase.  Felix is currently working for the Engineering Development’s Ground Electrical and Electronics Systems Branch at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  He supports technical management activities for the Autonomous Cryogenics Loading Operations (ACLO), the Integrated Ground Operations Demonstration Unit (IGODU) and the Advanced Ground Systems Maintenance (AGSM) projects.  He served as an Adjunct Faculty for the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, Orlando campus in the Electrical Engineering department and now serves as an Adjunct Faculty for the University of Central Florida’s Mechanical Materials and Aerospace Engineering Department.