Notlim M. Burgos

Notlim Burgos is a Mechanical Engineer at Kennedy Space Center. Since January 2016, she works in the Mechanical Mission Support Branch as an Aerospace Flight Systems Engineer supporting the Launch Services Program. Part of her responsibilities are to provide mechanical insight to launch service providers to ensure they are in compliance with technical and mission requirements.

Prior to working at Kennedy Space Center, she served as Structural & Mechanical Designer at Marshall Space Flight Center. She provided design support for Space Launch Systems (SLS) Ground Support Equipment (GSE). She was the lead designer for the forward lifting hardware for the SLS Liquid Oxygen (LOX), Forward Skirt (FS), Intertank (IT), and Engine Section (ES) Structural Qualification Test Articles (SQTAs). She produced CAD models, drawings, and supporting analysis needed to manufacture the lifting & handling hardware. The hardware is part of the SLS Structural Qualification Test (SQT) that will be conducted at MSFC as part of the verification for the SLS integrated vehicle design requirements.

In 2014, she was one of five employees selected to represent Marshall Space flight Center in the NASA Foundations of Influence, Relations, Success & Teamwork (FIRST) Program. The NASA FIRST Program is an Agency-wide leadership development program that is provided to some of the Agency’s most promising junior professionals. The program focuses on developing leadership capabilities and intra-agency collaboration by providing increased awareness of NASA vision, missions & goals. NASA FIRST includes agency level training at various NASA Centers, shadowing of senior leaders, group projects and individual leadership development.

Burgos began her college career at the University of Puerto Rico- Carolina Campus and after a year she transferred to the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez Campus, where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. While attending school she applied for a position at NASA’s Cooperative Education Program at Marshall Space Flight Center. She began working in 2006 as a Cooperative Education student for the Structural and Mechanical Design branch. She completed four co-op terms in which she supported projects like the Solar Ultraviolet Magnetograph Instrument (SUMI) Telescope, Ares 1 Instrument Unit Design, and Material Science Research Rack (MSRR).

Burgos was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Currently, she resides in Florida with her husband JC and their lovely dog Apollo. In her spare time, she enjoys mentoring other young professionals and students. She also enjoys cooking, baking, and spending time with family and friends.