CRT Lessons

NASA STEM EPDC has created “One-Pager” addenda to accompany available NASA lessons. We began the process by having expert professors from our Minority Serving Institution Teacher Education Network (MSI TEN) go through the lessons, evaluate, and make suggestions for increasing their cultural relevance. From those suggestions, an education specialist with 20 years of classroom experience working with diverse students compiled the suggestions from the MSI TEN faculty, and created an addendum document to accompany the lessons that will update the lesson to include any new scientific discoveries, give the NGSS and Common Core standards covered, and make real world suggestions for teacher to be better able to implement the lesson into their normal curriculum in such a way as to reach all of their students in a more culturally responsive way. An initial batch of 25 lessons went through the entire process, with more being added regularly.

November 2018
Lesson 18 – Heavy Lifting
August 2018
Lesson 15 – Solar Storm Energy and Pie Graphs
July 2018
Lesson 14 – Suited for Spacewalking: Keeping Your Cool
June 2018
Lesson 13 – On Target
February 2018
Lesson 9 – Mass vs Weight
January 2018
Lesson 8 – Lunar Landing Sites