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Educator Professional Development Collaborative (EPDC) invite you to connect with NASA via a live video chat. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Office of Education services the states of Florida and Georgia and the US Territories of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. NASA STARS en Español developed from a growing need to promote awareness of NASA’s diverse career opportunities for minority populations and highlight Hispanic professionals as role models in STEM careers. It was only appropriate to do it Spanish. This monthly webcast will be lived streamed in Spanish from Kennedy to Puerto Rico, through the US, and across the world.  We invite you to participate with your STEM classes, Spanish classes, Spanish clubs, etc. by watching the live stream and Tweeting questions or register to participate as a remote live audience for an event. Bring your classroom into the conversation because Students Talking About Real STEM are the STARS of tomorrow.

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El programa de Colaboraciones de Desarrollo Profesional Educativo (EPDC por sus siglas en inglés) le brindan una oportunidad para que sus estudiantes se conecten, mediante videoconferencia, con NASA STARS (Astros de la NASA) en español. Astros de la NASA es una iniciativa que quiere promover las diferentes carreras existentes en la NASA, así como los profesionales hispanos que las trabajan. Como NASA Kennedy Space Center es el centro responsable de cubrir los estados de Florida, Georgia, los territorios de Puerto Rico y las Islas Vírgenes de E.E.U.U, KSC consideró apropiado crear un programa en español para destacar el papel de los profesionales hispanos. El programa consistirá en un webcast mensual en vivo y en español, dirigido a Puerto Rico, los E.E.U.U. y el resto del mundo. Le extendemos una cordial invitación a participar a usted y a sus estudiantes de STEM (ciencia, tecnología, ingeniería, y matemáticas), su clases de español, su club de español, etc. Queremos que los estudiantes hispanos vean y oigan a profesionales exitosos, para que en un futuro cercano ellos también puedan obtener el mismo éxito siguiendo una carrera de STEM.

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2018 Webcasts Schedule
All Webcasts are at 12:00 pm EST

September 20th – Carlos Garcia-Galan (NASA JSC)

October 11th – Dr. Rey Diaz (NASA KSC)

November 14th – Ronnie Rodriguez (NASA KSC)

December 13th – TBD


2019 Webcasts Schedule

January 17th

February 13th

March 14th



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NASA Subject Matter Experts

2018 NASA Subject Matter Experts

Carlos Garcia-Galan
NASA Johnson Space Flight Center

Carlos is a Deputy System Manager – Orion – Vehicle Systems Management at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC). He started his career as an International Space Station (ISS) flight controller participating in twelve ISS-Shuttle assembly missions and ISS increment operations. He also served as an Operations Team Liaison at the Russian Space Agency’s Mission Control Center (TsUP) in Korolev, Russia. In 2001, he joined Honeywell where he served as the Technical Lead for the System Management function in the Orion Lockheed Martin team. The Systems Management function on Orion includes the integrated health assessment and vehicle-level fault management for the spacecraft. In 2007, he transitioned to the NASA team working on Orion’s Systems Management Function. Mr. Garcia-Galan holds a B.S. in Space Sciences and B.S in Electrical Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) in Melbourne, FL.

Rey N. Diaz
John F. Kennedy Space Center

Rey N. Diaz is the deputy chief of the Integration Office at NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He provides leadership for Kennedy’s management systems and implementation of management’s focus on strategic and effective change management. Dr. Diaz assists the center’s Senior Management Team with evaluating current and long-range objectives, plans, studies, policies, and proposed courses of action in order to furnish a basis for executive decisions affecting center mission. Dr. Diaz is the principal management advisor for Kennedy’s Business Management System and is responsible for evolving, adapting and integrating existing management systems, and fully meeting certification to government controls and international management system standards for leadership across the center.

Ronnie Rodriguez
John F. Kennedy Space Center

Ronnie is associate director for Engineering at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In this capacity, he develops the Engineering Directorate’s resources necessary to ensure the Launch Services, International Space Station (ISS), Commercial Crew, and Ground Systems Development and Operations Programs are successful as the agency prepares for missions to deep space, including the journey to Mars.  In his role, Rodriguez also helps to ensure the success of Advanced Exploration Systems and Kennedy Space Center’s institution and infrastructure.