Ice on the surface of the Moon
Ice on the surface of the Moon

After a decades-long search, new research has found more clues about the celestial body closest to Earth: our Moon. New research has found conclus...

15th October 2018By Yuri M.
Happy Birthday, NASA!!
Happy Birthday, NASA!!

In July of 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and S...

8th October 2018By Anne Weiss, Ph.D.
NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP)
NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP)...

NASA is months away from setting a new course in Human Space Flight History. The Co...

17th September 2018By Lester Morales, M.D.
Uranus’ Atmosphere, Rings and, Moons
Uranus’ Atmosphere, Rings and, M... 14th September 2018By Yuri M.
NASA Will Launch ICESat2 into Space September 15th to Track Earth’s Melting Ice
NASA Will Launch ICESat2 into Space Se... 4th September 2018By Susan Kohler
Minnie – The Robot Reading Companion
Minnie – The Robot R...

Social learning is a powerful way to m...

31st August 2018By Yuri M.
Small Steps to Giant Leaps: Celebrating Apollo 50 Years Later
Small Steps to Giant Leaps...

Apollo 50th Anniversary Logo  ...

20th August 2018By Steve Culivan
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