NASA Ames EPD Specialist presented at the Space Exploration Educators Conference

NASA Ames EPD specialist conducted 3 professional development sessions with a total of 74 educators in attendance on 2/4-2/5/2016 at SEEC in Houston, Texas. “Engineering Our Way to Mars” was the first session that focused on designing and building an airbag system that can safely land a payload on Mars. “Engineering a Robot to do the Job” session focused on using the Engineering Design Process to design a bristle bot that can move a payload. The last session was “Our Solar System and the Periodic Table” which focused on the makeup of the planets and hands-on activities that teachers can use in the classroom. The goal for all of the sessions was to provide NASA curriculum that is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The Engineering Design Process was highlighted throughout the sessions. These activities advance NASA Education’s contribution to Co-STEM Goal 1: Prepare 100,000 excellent new K-12 STEM teachers by 2020 and support STEM educators through the delivery of NASA education content and engagement in educator professional development opportunities.

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