Exploration Then and Now: Student Lesson

Survival! What would it take to survive on the Moon?

As shown in the video below, NASA astronauts are dependent on their available resources, as well as their ability to survive and adapt to new environments.

NASA’s BEST –Living on the Moon

In 1610, the Jamestown settlers who traveled to the United States, were also dependent upon their ability to survive in difficult conditions.

The education module, Exploration Then and Now, will allow students (Grades 3-8) to analyze items that are necessary for survival on the Moon, and in America.

Exploration Then and Now

Survival Lesson:


What items would you choose… a space suit repair kit, or perhaps a map of the Moon’s surface? See how your ideas compare to the rankings of two NASA scientists!

Kelly Kohli
Educator Professional Development Specialist, NASA STEM EPDC
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center