NASA holds Destination Imagination Workshop

NASA education specialists John Weis and Susan Currie discuss the importance of their partnership with Destination Imagination this week.

The first astronaut who will set foot on Mars is currently a student anywhere from kindergarten through high school, according to Susan Currie, NASA education specialist at Marshall Space Flight Center. Currie said NASA plans to put boots on Mars in 2030, which makes the participation of approximately 8,000 students in NASA’s exhibit and skills workshops at the Destination Imagination Global Finals this week even more critical. She said the first test flight is scheduled for 2018 and by 2030 K-12 students will be the “perfect age.” “We are looking at this age group to take us to Mars,” Currie said.

Cortney Roark, “NASA holds Destination Imagination workshop.” News Sentinel May 21, 2015.