Providing Enriching Opportunities for STEM and Beyond

CSUN work on NASA MEI explores how NGSS standards promotes K-12 teacher scientific literacy and advancement of understanding of the principles of global warming and climate change. Over the past year, PIs Susan Belgrad and Norm Herr have worked with educational partners at NASA JPL (David Seidel and Dr. Ota Lutz) to prepare engaging events for K-12 educators and CSUN STEM faculty on the Jet Propulsion Lab campus.  In addition, teachers are supported in developing their own googlesites that share their experiences and lesson development around NASA geospace science missions.

CSUN partners also include the Discovery Science Cube Los Angeles, DIY Girls, Families in Schools and Los Angeles County Office of Education. Together these groups all work to create effective and satisfying ways to inspire and inform teachers about the interdependence of STEM disciplines that can be effectively taught in K-12 education thereby meeting the new NGSS.

Educators at the university and K-12 community are also asked to reflect upon their teaching and classroom climate to become aware of stereotype threat or unintended messages that students cannot become STEM achievers. Culturally responsive teaching and learning is fostered through collaboration with the PIs of the CSUN TIDES grant.

CSUN faculty have secured a number of related grants that promote computer supported collaborative learning. They also build STEM-integrated PBL and teacher engagement in promoting sustainable strategies for conserving energy and water in Los Angeles.

Training Teachers in Technology

California State University Northridge Partnership
Dr. Susan Belgrad, Ed. D.
Dr. Norm Herr, Ph. D.