Recruiting & Retaining STEM Teachers

Recruiting and retaining high-quality STEM teachers is a challenge for teacher education programs nationwide. This video provides an overview of the issues and offers suggestions for meeting the challenge.

Key points discussed in this video:

  • The demand for STEM jobs is increasing.
  • U.S. has one of the lowest ratios of STEM to non-STEM bachelor’s degrees in the world.
  • Of 1.3 million ACT-tested high school graduates in 2012, less than 1% (731) wanted to be science teachers.
  • More than 40% of STEM teachers leave within the first five years.

Possible Solutions for Recruiting & Retaining STEM Teachers

  • Make it a priority university-wide
  • Organize institutional data systems that promote teacher quality
  • Set goals and manage results
  • Train teachers as intellectual thought leaders
  • Engage and reward faculty
  • Nurture school partners
  • Nurture community college partners
  • Expand research on teacher effectiveness


Resources for STEM educators:

By John Beck, Ph.D
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Texas State University