Using the Concept Attainment Model of Teaching

Concept Attainment Model

It is tempting to simply share a new concept with your students through lecture. Instead however, you could make the lesson more engaging by using the concept attainment model. This would allow them the opportunity to practice inductive thinking to arrive at the concept through analyzing yes attributes and no attributes related to the concept.

Watch this riveting video to see how the process works. It’s recommended that you pause the video after each pair of attributes to give yourself time to analyze the attributes. Giving yourself time to experience the actual analytic processes your students would be experiencing will give you an “inside” look into the process.

Think about some concepts in your content area that would lend them well to this model, create some “yes” and “no” examples and try it out with your students!

By Dr. Kathryn Lee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Texas State University