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Welcome Pre-Service Educator

If you are a student in college preparing to be a teacher or a student in an alternative teacher certification program, you need to be prepared before you hit the classroom. And it is never too early to strengthen your content knowledge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and to begin building your portfolio of skills and resources.

NASA offers a wealth of resources for the pre-service educator:

Current NASA Opportunities for Pre-Service Educators

We at NASA STEM EPDC are here to help direct you and offer additional custom opportunities to make you even more outstanding. Here are five things that you can do right now to get started:

  1. Sign up for NASA Express and receive a weekly email highlighting educational opportunities.Pre-service Educator
  2. pre-service educatorSign up for a Free Webinar delivered by a NASA STEM EPDC Education Specialist. See the options on our EVENTS list now.
  3. Look-up a NASA related lesson for the grade and content area you plan on teaching. You can find lessons that focus not only on earth science, planetary science and mathematics, but also lessons in history and technology.
  4. pre-service educatorCheck out the images in the NASA image galleries and download an educator’s guide that shows you how to use these images and supporting data in your classroom.pre-service educator
  5. Read John Weis’ blog about cool NASA Apps to use in your classroom. Download one now and try it out! How might you integrate it into a science or math lessons.

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