Month: May 2015


NASA holds Destination Imagination Workshop

NASA education specialists John Weis and Susan Currie discuss the importance of their partnership with Destination Imagination this week. The first astronaut who will set foot on Mars is currently a student anywhere from kindergarten through high school, according to Susan Currie, NASA education specialist at Marshall Space Flight Center. Currie said NASA plans t...

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NASA Robotics Activities Motivates Students to Excel

Robotics is a way of life today. Robots are everywhere. They’re in your home (even in your bathroom), your doctor’s office, your bank, your favorite place to shop, and your school. Of course, they are a major and critical component of NASA’s exploration of our Earth and the universe in which we live. Life would be much different without robots. The focu...

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Effective Instructional Strategies for English Language Learners

Did you know that by the year 2025, nearly one out of every four public school students will be an English Language Learner? This presents a unique challenge for all educators out there today. Are teachers prepared with the most effective instructional strategies for English Language Learners?  One of the misconceptions out there is that all ELL students are Spanis...

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